Life Work: A Unity - Ensemble Hodos Plays Philip Corner

This program is an overview of Philip Corner's work, first conceived as a series of five concerts according to the five periods which he created to organize is opus. The cycle was completed in early 2013.
This music is in the process of being documented on five Cds on Umlaut Records, with extensive liner notes by the composer. The first release of the series will be out in January 2014.

Since the cycle has been completed, Ensemble Hodos performs a more condensed overview of Corner's music in one evening of music, entitled Life Work: A Unity. The program aims to show the diversity of approaches that is central to Corner's work, and to put in light the variety of influences that nourished is life and music at different periods.

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program of the five past concerts

may 1st 2011, Paris
1. culture (tradition ; assimilation) 1950-1959
Flux & Form #6, 8, 10 (1958-60)
Flux & Form #2 with Pieces for String Instruments #4
Pieces for String Instruments #3 & 7 (1958)
Seven Joyous Flashes (1958)
Two-Parts Monologues #3 (1957)

guest: Geneviève Foccroulle, piano

october 15th 2011, Paris
2. the world (graphic innovations & indeterminacy) 1960-1975
Exquisitely Sloppy OM
Outbreak on the Dancefloor
pulse (no pulse)
D major chord of the Chopin prelude... as a revelation
Crash Actions

guest: Philip Corner, piano

june 16th 2012 
3. mind (instruction pages with examples ; precisions added to freedom) 1972-1989
Gamelan Concert!O
Two French Tritone Dominants... as a revelation
Gamelan S/D
Gamelan Delicate Computations
Gamelan Brossa

guests: Philip Corner, piano ; Michel Vogel, percussion

october 27th 2012  
4. body (breakthrough to conscious spontaneity) 1989-1999
Suite in Series
Two Microtonal Memories

guests: Philip Corner & Phoebe Neville, synthesizer

january 27th 2013  
5. spirit ; soul (integration & synthesis) 1999-
Meta-Meta-Meta Hodos (dedicated to Ensemble Hodos)
Spit that Fire! (the real fugal flight)
Gamelan Dua-Uni (2=1)
Petite fantaisie sur "Les Barricades Mystérieuses" de François Couperin

guests: Philip Corner & Michel Vogel, percussion